Sumter Intersection Volume and Crash Rate Data Update

Saturday, August 26, 2017 3:12:00 PM Categories: maps Penny for Progress planning roads SCDOT study SUATS transportation

SUMTER, SC (AUGUST 25, 2017) – The Sumter Planning Office has identified a list of 26 intersections with the highest annual average daily traffic (AADT) volume and high crash rates within the Sumter Urban Area Transportation Study (SUATS).


The top five intersections, with the highest volume of traffic on the list, include three intersections along the Broad Street corridor and two along the N. Guignard corridor.


The top five intersections, with the highest crash rates on the list, include North Main Street-North Lafayette-South Pike West, Broad Street and Alice Drive, US 15 South-Lewis Road-Old Manning Road, Broad Street-Peach Orchard Road-Patriot Parkway and Pinewood Road-McCray’s Mill Road.


“Not surprisingly, the highest volume intersection is at Alice Drive and Broad Street while the highest crash rate intersection is at North Main Street, North Lafayette Drive and South Pike area,” said Allan Yu, Sumter City-County Planning Department Transportation Director. “Engineering and additional traffic studies will need to be performed on each area before any recommendations will be made on how to better handle better flow of traffic and prepare for future traffic growth.”


All intersections identified on the AADT volume map and the crash rate map are based upon the South Carolina Department of Transportation’s 2016 traffic estimates.


SUATS is the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) designated for the urbanized areas of Sumter County. The MPO is the planning organization for the expenditure of Federal and State matching highway funds within the designated areas in the County. 


For more information contact Allan Yu at the Planning Department’s 12 W. Liberty Street office, call 803-774-1612, or email or visit



Click here to access the 2016 Traffic Volume Map


Click here to access the 2016 Crash Rate Map