Planning Staff

The Planning Department professionals take pride in the opportunity to participate in the daily operations leading to the development and formation of our community. The names, titles, e-mail address and phone numbers of the Planning Department staff are as follows:


Planning Department - Main Line - 803-774-1660
Planning Director George McGregor 803-774-1606
Planning Secretary Wanda Scott 803-774-1603

Planning Coordinator/Zoning Administrator

Donna McCullum 803-774-1619
Senior Transportation Planner Allan Yu 803-774-1612
Zoning Inspector Lenn Ramsey 803-774-1626
Senior Planner Helen Roodman 803-774-1636
Senior Planner Jeff Derwort, AICP 803-774-1611
Senior Planner Vacant 803-774-1639
Planning Technician Patricia Nelson 803-774-1605
GIS Analyst Charles Robbins 803-774-1607