Passport Tracking Rules

Passports are distributed at each participating location. Once you collect your passport, explore through the pages and see what part of Sumter, South Carolina you would like to visit. Some locations are seasonal, please make sure the location is open by checking websites or by calling for more information. Once arriving at your destination enjoy the moment. Look around and take in the area. 
Some adventures are physical while others are a part of history. Please keep in mind that each location is unique for one reason or another, therefore show respect to each destination. If the location has specific hours a person will be able to stamp your passport on the proper page.
If the location does not have specific hours for stamping please log on to for more details. Once the passport is complete with your 22 stamps bring the passport back to Swan Lake Visitors Center at 822 West Liberty Street to receive completion signature and a prize. The first 1,000 completed passports will receive a special reward! One prize per participant. Check out
and post a picture. Write a caption on your location and show your latest stamp.