Clearance Forms

Clearance Forms

Business License Clearance Form (PDF*)

Business License Application (PDF)

Outside Contractor Application (PDF)

Peddler Pre-Application (PDF)

Peddlers License


Form must be filled out completely by applicant (Note: incomplete form may result in nullification of form).


  • Return form to the Business License Department.   
  • Form will be disbursed by the Business License Department to the Zoning Department, Building Inspector, Fire Inspector, and if applicable the Health Department.   
  • Once form has been returned to the Business License Department, you will be notified by this department as to the results of the clearance form   
  • If your form is approved, you will need to come in and complete the Business License application and pay the appropriate fees.   
  • If your form is disapproved, you will be notified and told which department disapproved your request and who you may contact for additional information on their decision.


PLEASE NOTE: This procedure could take up to a week or more. Please be patient with us so that we may investigate your request properly and provide you with the correct information. If you have any questions you may contact someone in the Business License Department at (803) 774-1621.


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