Calendar of Events Guidelines

  • What we will include on the calendar:
    • Only community-wide events or public meetings will be included. 
    • Required to be actual “physical event” (physical address of event facility required for submission).
    • Event must take place within Sumter, SC (city and/or county) to be included.
    • Any event that has a completed and approved ‘Festival and Events Request Form’ through the City Events Manager can be included, but you must submit this form along with your events form.
    • Events approved to be held, by a private business, in a public space can be included.


  • What we will NOT include on the calendar:
    • Meetings of private businesses or organizations will not be included.
    • “Sales” or “special pricing” events held by local businesses will not be included.
    • Educational and other types of informational campaigns will not be included.
    • Political events will not be included.
    • Fundraisers for individuals or private organizations will not be included.
    • Individual religious events, unless part of a larger, recognized community-wide event, will not be included.


We reserve the right to refuse any event. Approval process can take up to two weeks.


I have read and agree to the City of Sumter's Guidelines